Welcome back – Don and Donna Mohl

We welcome back Don and Donna Mohl! They will be our guests on August 31st at the morning service.

Potluck lunch will follow the service.

You can read about their ministry at their website. A freewill offering will be collected.

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Fresh Prayer

Fresh PrayerDon’t you want to see what God can do? Sadly, too often, we can be satisfied with what we can do for the Lord. But, God wants to give us Himself and so much more! It’s time to seek the Lord and His fullness for each other, His church and His world.

Therefore, I am inviting you to join me the first Sunday evening of each month for Fresh Prayer.

What will it be like?

We will gather for one hour from 6:00-7:00 PM. During this hour, we will read Scripture, which will guide our praying for that evening. There will be a time to quietly meditate through the Scripture, listening to the Lord. You will have the opportunity to pray as you are led of the Lord.

You will be given a prayer guide to take with you so that you can continue the pattern and focus of prayer for the entire season (summer, fall, winter, spring). Additionally, we will pray for our missionaries, ministries and other church needs.

Where will we meet?

We will gather for prayer in the Youth Room at the church. This room is closest to the north and west side parking lots. Come into the building through the northwest door.

When does it start?

Our first Fresh Prayer meeting will be August 3rd.

Can I bring friends?

Absolutely! In fact, there are many who prefer to not drive at night. Consider creating a carpool and bring others.

Can I share other prayer needs?

Yes! The guide for prayer will be flexible to allow you to share your own prayer requests.

If I cannot come, can I still get the prayer guide?

Yes. You will find a copy of Fresh Prayer in the foyer, at the prayer resource table. You can also download your own copy by clicking on this link. The summer issue is For mercy great and mighty from Jeremiah 33.

Do you have other questions? Please let Pastor Dean know by calling the church, writing a note or sending him an email (deanboyer@me.com).

Together, let’s seek the Lord and trust Him to do what only He can do! After all, isn’t that the bottom line to what we truly want? Let’s pray together!

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New Series

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 4.53.44 PM

Hebrews is an amazing book! Throughout its chapters it is hard to miss the main focus: Christ is supreme! In Hebrews, the Old Testament is more clearly understood, the infinite value of the cross is more lovingly embraced, and the priestly work of Christ on our behalf strengthens our faith. The series begins with three introductory messages focused on:

The Deceptive Gospel: many are enamored by preachers who preach a gospel which often sounds good but is contrary to Scripture. In short, Jesus is not supreme. (May 4)

The Cool Heart: The Bible says that the love of many will grow cold resulting from the deception of false prophets. A cooling heart is not consumed with a passion for Jesus Christ. (May 11)

The Bottom Line: A couple of years ago, I read our mission statement and asked the question, “Is there anything more foundational to the Christian life than what our mission statement says?” The result of this questioning led me to the conclusion that we exist to spread the supremacy of Jesus Christ in everything we do. The bottom line to everything is God’s glory. (May 18)

The great question to be answered by everyone is, “Is Christ supreme in our lives?” Is Christ supreme in our marriage, home, ministry, business, etc? What a joy to explore God’s answers to these and many more questions. I hope you will attend each week for this vital study.

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Lent Information

IMG_0510Our Lenten season is here! And, what a joyous time it is for all of us. This year we are planning some special things to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord.

Lenten Sermon Series

As we celebrate the four weeks of Advent at Christmas, we are going to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord with four special sermons focused on the cross.

March 23 – Approaching the Cross: it’s Centrality
March 30 – The Heart of the Cross: the Problem of Forgiveness
April 6 – The Achievement of the Cross: the Salvation of Sinners
April 13 – Living under the Cross: the Community of Celebration

Special services

April 17 – Good Friday service at 7:00 PM. This special service will focus on the power of the cross through the eyes of Thomas, Peter, John, Judas, a Soldier and Barabbas. The service will include a special communion service.

April 20 – Easter morning starts with a family breakfast at 8:00 AM. The main service will start at 9:30 AM and focus on the theme of Day of Hope.

I pray these weeks leading up to Easter will be special for you and your family. And, as many attend church only at these times, would you join me in prayer for them, that God’s grace will capture their hearts? Please pray for a wide open door for the Word and that the message of hope will be clearly presented.

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TeddyCare Project launches a new drive!

teddycare.logoBetween now and Easter, April 20th, would you consider sewing colorful pillowcases for the children at Tulsa Children’s Hospital?

The PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) has had fun, bright pillow cases on the pillows. The oncology floor has always been plain white cases. I would love to see the bright and colorful ones on the oncology floor! There are 30 rooms on the floor, so you could do as many as you want! ~ Amy White, Tulsa Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oncology Coordinator, OK Family Network

Wouldn’t you love to see the children battling cancer have colorful pillowcases? Let’s do it! If you can sew or if you choose to buy new pillowcases, you can be involved. Sadly, children of all ages are battling cancer. So, you choose the material and style; preschool through teenager designs work! We will deliver them to the hospital the week after Easter. If you are knitting caps, we will deliver these as well. What a wonderful Easter gift to children who are battling life-threatening diseases! Questions? See Pastor Dean


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Stucks Sharing on April 27th

Welcome to the Stuck family Sunday, April 27th! They will share in the Sunday School hour with adults and Jonathan will preach during the morning service. Pot luck lunch following the morning service! Dear Friends and Family, DSCF1880We are eager to share with you the exciting things that the Lord has been doing since we have made our move to Chiang Khan. As you know, we moved four hours North from where we have been living for the past 8 months to the area we felt the Lord calling us. The first few weeks were spent mostly working on the house getting to know the area and our neighbors. We have been very blessed with kind neighbors and have had no shortage of papayas and bananas which are brought to us several times a week. When we moved here, we were under the impression that there were no Christians in the area. Even before we moved, we have been asking the Lord to connect us with other believers, and people of peace. We had heard of a couple churches in the surrounding subdistricts, so we went out to look for them, but to our discouragement, we couldn’t find them, and were told that they didn’t exist. We have always been willing to put in the time, and effort to make the Gospel known where Christ is not named, but we continued to ask the Lord to open doors for us. This last week has been a huge answer to pray and a giant encouragement from the Lord. photo-12We heard that there had actually been a church in town many years ago, and when we found the building, it looked like no one had used it for many years. A few days later, we rode by it again, and found a lady in the church yard. We asked her about the church, and she told us what part of town to go and look for a lady who knew about it. We rode across town to where we were told to look, and the first house we stopped to ask was hers. :) She told us that the church has been inactive for many years and that once a month the believers take a bus into Loei City (about an hour away) to go to a church there. She invited us to come with her, and the next day we made the trip with them in the back of a song teaw (flat bed truck with a roof and two rows of benches). After church we were invited to eat lunch with the pastors who are very humble kind and excited for our heart to work in these areas. Later that night, we were visited by those same pastors from the larger church at our home (This is a 50 minute drive from the main city). They told us that they look over a few different churches in Loei province, but are under staffed and not able to provide pastors or teaching for all the believers. They have been praying for the Chiang Khan believers, and asking the Lord to bring along someone to come beside them. Meanwhile, we have been praying that the Lord would open up the door for us to connect with Christians in the area. It would seem that the Lord has answered both our prayers and theirs all in one miraculous, wonderful way. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of kindness, love, and encouragement that we have received in just the past 5 days as we have connected with the believers in Chiang Khan, as well as the ones from Loei City. We are so grateful to the Lord for this open door, and are excited to move forward towards the goal of seeing lives and communities transformed by Christ. Please pray for wisdom as we move into working along side these believers. We want to see the Isaan people empowered by the Lord for His will, and we want to help in whatever way we can, but we also want to be cautious to not have too much put on us in a way that would limit growth. It is crucial that the Gospel is seen as culturally relevant to them as Isaan people, and not some Western idea that has been translated or copied. Please also pray for resilience and wisdom as we continue to figure out and try to maintain a schedule of language learning, girls schooling, family time, and forming relations; as well as the two trainings that I (Jonathan) am involved in. So many new connections has created an overwhelming number of “pop in” visits, that we have gotten behind on the girls school, as well as our language classes. As much as we appreciate and love the open doors, it can be can be quiet tiring having long visits unexpectedly that operate completely in Thai. The Lord is good to stretch us, but I know for Juliet especially, this can at times be challenging, though we work to push through with joy. Please pray that the Lord would be working in the Christians in Chiang Khan, and that He would raise up leaders who have a burden and passion for the people of this area and in the surrounding unreached districts. We deeply appreciate your prayers and support. We know that we would not be able to be here without it. As Christmas time approaches and we are reminded of the promise of the Messiah. I try to imagine what it must have been like to wait for Him all those years. Here was an entire people group that was waiting for the Messiah; longing to be free, longing to be redeemed. How hard it must have been to wait for Jesus for so long. Yet still today (thousands of years later) there are millions who do not know of the Savior of nations. They still long to be set free, and redeemed, yet they have no idea that kind of freedom and love exist. It does. Only in Him. How we long to make His name known to the people of Isaan. That is our calling. And with your faithful prayers and support, you are a part of that work. We are honored and humbled to have you all with us in this work. How truly blessed we are! Many blessings, Jonathan and Juliet   *If you would like to give to our ministry, you can do so at this link. http://www.iteams.us/action/give/

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Cookson Hills – Thank you


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