A special evening…

Men’s Ministries invites the entire church family to a special video presentation…

john_macarthur-Grace-To-You“We Will Not Bow” by Dr. John MacArthur

August 23, 5:30-7:00 PM

Fellowship Hall

The objective is not simply to redefine gender. The objective is not simply to redefine marriage. The objective is to destroy what God has designed. The two greatest attacks of terror on America were perpetrated by the Supreme Court. The first one was the legalizing of abortion. Millions of babies slaughtered in the wombs of their mothers. The second great act of terror perpetrated by the Supreme Court was the legalization of same-sex marriage. ~ John MacArthur

The ramifications of the latest decision by our Supreme Court are impacting the church and Christian businesses already. Please set aside everything you normally do and come to this presentation. A question and answer time will follow the video.

You can download a printed transcript of this address here.

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Welcome back – Don and Donna Mohl

We welcome back Don and Donna Mohl! They will be our guests on August 9th at the morning service.

Potluck lunch will follow the service.

You can read about their ministry at their website. A freewill offering will be collected.

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Celebrating Fathers

fathers day best wallpapers for twitterJoin us directly after the Worship Service on June 21, to honor the men in our congregation.  The church will provide barbecue brisket sandwiches and the drinks.  We ask that you bring either a salad, beans, dessert or chips to go with the meal.

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The Simple Walk

Regardless of how long we have walked with the Lord, it is refreshing to return to simple truths. Of course, simplicity does not mean surface; some of God’s simplest truths are profound, requiring us to delve deeply into study and application.

Our new sermon series is entitled The Simple Walk: walking in the simplify and sincerity of God. Our key verse is found in 2 Corinthians 1:12,

For our boast is this, the testimony of our conscience, that we behaved in the world with simplicity and godly sincerity, not by earthly wisdom but by the grace of God, and supremely so toward you.

Simple truths transform God’s people; and, when we walk in our world with simplicity and godly sincerity being our witness, God works profoundly! God is still reaching out to his world with your life!

You can prepare for each Sunday by memorizing the verse from the Scripture Memory section on our website.

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Lord, Change My Attitude!

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 9.08.57 AMLearning to love to live in the reality of God enables us to live hopefully, at all times. However, there are enemies that must be fought. One of those is our attitude. In our new 7-part sermon series, we will compare and examine our attitudes from the examples of the people of Israel in book of Numbers.

April 12 – The Battle against Living in Joy

April 19 – Replacing a Complaining Attitude with a Heart of Gratitude

April 26 – Replacing a Covetous Attitude with a Heart of Contentment

May 3 – Replacing a Critical Attitude with a Heart of Love

May 10 – Replacing a Doubting Attitude with a Heart of Faith

May 17 – Replacing a Rebellious Attitude with a Heart of Submission

May 24 – The Victory Found in Living with Joy

As our journey begins, we need to deal with five questions:

Are you open to considering what the Lord has to say about changing your attitude?

Are you willing to be changed?

Are you willing to change your attitude ?

Are you willing to focus exclusively on your attitude?

Are you willing to go after this change of attitude with urgency?

Our Lord is so ready to change our hearts if we will stop resisting and start submitting. Don’t you wonder what He would like to do? Let’s find out!

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Easter Celebration

How exciting to see Easter coming! For the believer, what more can give us hope than our resurrected Lord? This year, we are honored to have Rabbi Rod Meyers (former Cookson staff member), an evangelical rabbi (who lives in WA) as our guest throughout the weekend.

Good Friday Evening Service (5:00-6:00)

Rabbi Meyers will present The Upper Room: Our Feast of Redemption focusing on the significance of Passover, communion and the upper room from Luke 22:14-20. In addition to the lesson, we will sing wonderful songs focused on the cross and then participate in communion and have a time of prayer.

Easter morning (9:15-11:45)

During the Sunday School hour (9:15-10:15), you are invited to a pancake breakfast hosted by our Board. Menu includes sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs and pancakes. During this time, there will be a special story telling time with Mary Ellen Wilkinson.

The main worship service (10:30-11:45) Rabbi Meyers will be preaching a message entitled, The Story in the Garden from John 20. The focus of the story is Jesus being our First Fruit and the power of resurrection. There will be no evening events.

Can there be any more important and wonderful time for the Christian than Easter? Bring your friends to each event and let’s pray for the transforming work of the resurrected Christ to change every one of our hearts!

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Seek God for the City 2015

Click on this link for information about this year’s Seek God for the City. Spend 40 days leading up to Palm Sunday to specifically pray for our city. Books will be available for those who prefer hard copies. Apps for mobile devices is available for those who prefer that tool.


Some helpful features of Seek God For The City 2015

Strengthens what you are already doing. No complicated program to organize or meetings to schedule.

Unites prayer throughout your church. An attractive, easy-to-use tool that can help unite prayers between many churches throughout an entire community.

Lifts prayer from private or trivial matters. Helps your people learn to pray for what matters most by directing attention toward what God is doing in the lives of people throughout your community.

Builds the confidence of everyday believers to help them pray with clarity, authority and relevance as they learn to pray in keeping with scripture. Involves everyone in your church family, not just a “prayerful elite.”

Opens a great way to pray toward Easter. For those of liturgical streams, it augments the Lenten season with a marvelous blend of repentance and intercessory hope. Those of other streams find that it lifts attention toward Christ’s visitation at Palm Sunday. The calendar concludes on Palm Sunday, leaving everyone prepared for Easter week without crowding the schedule with extra activity.

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